10x Power

What is 10x Power?

10x Power is powerful training from real-life experiences, teaching you how to bring out our true potential.

We can increase our power many times more. To examine this, let us take Barack Obama as an example. We have seen his image standing in front of a muddy house and we have seen his image as the President of America as well. How many times could he have increased his efficiency to achieve this transition?

Let us take me (O.H. Rahman) as an example. I was not able to study well (failed to get a degree besides trying two times). Later in my life, I managed to get a degree and also a Post Graduation in psychology. Now, I am doing P.H.D. on Unleashing the Human Potential. I was not capable of standing in front of even a few people due to stage fright but now making speeches in front of thousands of people. I had a reading disability and was not able to read properly (this could be the reason for my weak performance in studies) but now I read up to two books a day (English or Malayalam). As I am nearing 50 I am enjoying my best health, wealth, and prosperity than in my whole life.

What helped me to achieve this level of life? I am explaining it through the 10x Power group. I have referred to more than 100 books for that. Made so many experiments. I have managed to gather the human wisdom aged 1000s of years from more than a thousand books. Practiced with 1000s of people who attended my seminars worldwide. Now, I have a success formula anybody can apply to their life and get results. This formula trains us to approach life in three aspects that are body, mind, and soul.

10x Power is containing 100+ videos and instructions. 10x Power is explaining Positive Psychology, NLP, Yoga, Meditation, Brain Science, and much more. By completing this course you will have a complete idea on how to achieve 10x Power in your life.