29 March 2021

Why English

We have heard of the importance of spoken English at the workplace or at schools at least once, but have you ever thought of the reason behind it. The reason is very simple, to allow a smooth and easy flow of ideas. Anything and everything that was ever achieved in the world by humans started from an idea. But do you think having an idea is just enough? No, an idea can only be a reality when you convince yourself and others of its benefits. For convincing others, you need good communication skills. While reading this you might think to communicate is it necessary that I need to speak in English? . The answer is no, no you don’t need English for that. For communication, you can use your mother tongue too. But the real question is, how far will that help you to spread your ideas?

We live in an era where the entire world is our stage, not just our city or state or country but the entire world is filled with opportunities and we need a common medium for the smooth exchange of ideas. And this exactly is where the language English comes into play. English has become a global language many of the elite colleges in the world teach their courses in English, this just demonstrates how English has cemented its place as a global language.

So do you still think English is not important or that it won't make your road to success smoother. am sure after reading this you might have at least started rethinking your earlier ideas!