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Why you should choose O.H. Rahman’s Academy.

We can fulfill all our dreams and have a wonderful life!! Do you want to know how?

The reason for this is that from O. H. Rahman’s Academy, in a matter of months you can achieve more than what can be achieved over the years with the usual curriculum.

Here you will learn not only the languages ​​but also how to use them. You get lifetime free admission to the 10x Power course which helps you to move forward in life with more vigour.

Here you will find experienced teachers, good friends, and a better lifestyle. Once you join any course, you can stay on the course for free until you learn it. That is, what you join us here for, you will achieve, and that is the guarantee we give you.

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O. H. Rahman's Academy is introducing Arabic Languages Learning Courses to Hindi Native Speakers, If you are interested to join the course please contact our Manager Mr. Naser on +91 7594856486 (WhatsApp)

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Updated on 23 Feb 2021


The word “time” is the most common noun in the English language, so it’s no wonder that there are so many idioms related to time. Keeping time is an idiom that means measuring time.

The history of keeping time dates back to ancient Egypt. They used ta Read..

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